The Kukamuka Patterns

All Kukamuka patterns originate from handmade artwork, paintings, drawings, sketches, and existing patterns by Päivi Vähälä. The Kukamuka Pattern Collection and Kukamuka Catalogues comprise of 34 separate series, some 150 different patterns. Each pattern has a selected repertoire of color variations, and all the patterns can be printed in any color combination chosen. 

The Artist

Artist and designer Päivi Vähälä is a native Finn, living and working in Vienna, Austria. Her art has been presented in international exhibitions in museums and galleries; several artworks belong to public and private collections.

In 2011, parallel to her art work, Päivi started to produce screen prints and digital prints for textiles from her paintings, operating under the name Tuukia Art Fabrics. Päivi produced a few different fabrics, which were printed in The Netherlands and Poland. She also ran a shop in Vienna with products made from these fabrics.

2017 Päivi started the production of patterns for textiles under the name Kukamuka. She is in charge of the large Kukamuka Pattern Collection and the Kukamuka Catalogues. She also actively continues her work as an artist.