The Kukamuka
Pattern Collection

Kukamuka Pattern Collection is an extensive collection of timeless patterns by artist and designer Päivi Vähälä.

Existing Kukamuka Catalogues include for example fashion, home textiles and tableware.

All the patterns can be printed on any material and in any color combination.


„In 1996 I drew about 150 various forms on a cardboard, cut them out and painted orange.
Then and in long run these pieces have functioned as a movable pattern design tools.
Later on, I edited the forms further, some of them to more edgy forms.“



„The SOI patterns are different combinations of the elements taken from an original small painting on paper from 2013. They have a playful character and are fabulous in several color combinations.“



„My DONNA pattern origin are hundreds of line drawn sketches with a thought to go through Donnas open space in the middle and coming out on the other side trough this portal in an other dimension of consciousness.
It’s a play, but it might be true. That is what Donna says.”



„PAJU is based on my hand drawn line sketch from 1979 with the idea of creating a simple reduced elegant natural design. PAJU is the Finnish name for WILLOW. These approaches never get old.
My hands do.“



„The PIANO pattern originates from my study times at the University for Applied Arts in Vienna, Austria, in 1981, when I painted a series of art work on paper which reminded of runes, rune writing. The aim was ’writing designs’ for fabrics as also same time creating individual pieces of art. PIANO cycle includes numerous other pianos, they all are part of the Kukamuka pattern collection.“



„The KUKAMUKA FLIKKA pattern is based on the ’A CAPELLA’ artwork (2011) inspired by hieroglyph pictorial writing with symbols. The idea of ’writing picture’ with my own basic symbolic elements arose intuitively in the process of painting.“